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Nothing but the finest. We've selected the world's finest tire service machinery and tools, regardless of cost. As a result, Euro-Tire is better equipped to properly service foreign cars then anyone else in the tire business.


Free mounting without fear. Our tire prices include meticulous mounting on any wheels, modular racing rims excepted. Unlike conventional mounting machines which can be rough on wheels, our Hoffman equipment is designed to handle even the most delicate light alloy wheels.


Four-wheel alignment. Ordinary wheel alignment measures and enables corrections to the geometry of your car's front end only. Our Hunter alignment computer allows us to correct the caster, camber, and toe on all four wheels with accuracy that conventional equipment can't approach. If your car's rear suspension can't be adjusted, our front end adjustments will help compensate for any error in the rear.

Computerized dynamic balancing. Our Hoffman balancers from West Germany are the most accurate off-the-car dynamic balancers available. There's no charge for balancing when tires are purchased with wheels. We include a top-quality rubber valve stem free with every balance.

We also offer:

  • Wheel repair
  • Suspension service
  • Custom alignment
  • Race car set-up

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